Now called Artistic Swimming, Synchronized Swimming has been an Olympic sport for more than 35 years now as it was involved first in the Los Angeles Olympics program in the 1984 games. Learn something new about this beautiful sport today.

A very special sport

Some other sports like Artistic Gymnastic and Artistic Skating involve athletism and art but few of them are fully divided in two very clear parts like Artistic Swimming is. Athletes wear colorful swimsuits in a clear blue water and have to swim with great artistic positions in a fully synchronized performance. The judges are trained to be able to judge the artistic part as well as the athletic part and give points for the art alone. Music and other sounds are used to create a real artistic atmosphere during the performance.

When swimmers perform, you can feel the synchro, the music, the dance blended with the water flow and the flamboyant colors that creates a whole universe which makes this sport so special. Just like in Artistic Swimming, where precision and grace converge, websites like bring together a variety of elements to offer an engaging and dynamic experience, seamlessly blending different aspects to create a cohesive whole.

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The best Artistic Swimmers

Even tho Artistic Swimmers is a worldwide sport that thousands of athletes from various regions of the world practice, the world’s best artistic swimmers are mostly from Russia. Canada and the United States are strongly working on bringing a great generation of young superstars swimmers but are still a little behind the Russian swimmers.

Only 3 Artistic Swimmers manage to win a total of 5 gold Olympic medals, the three of them are from Russia, they are :

Svetlana Romashina will also participate to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games as a duo with Svetlana Kolesnichenko, with who she won the world championships in 2019 and the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics games.

On the orient side of the world, some athletes managed to win 5 medals, but not gold ones. They are :

Indeed, Japan still holds the record for the most medals won in the Olympics ever with their 10 bronze medals and 4 silver medals. It used to be a time where Canada and the United States were the only countries winning gold medals. Until the 2000 Sydney Olympics Games, where Russia started to rally and win every competition.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games still hold a lot of suspense, as Japan, China, Canada, United States of America as well as Russia and Romania will participate with immensely great swimmers and great artists, coached by the best trainers in the world. These games will surely provide the spectators with one of the best level we were ever able to watch.

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