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Synchro New Brunswick is governed by Synchro Canada.

If you like dance, gymnastics and swimming synchronized swimming is your sport. The finesse of dance, the flexibility of gymnastics & the love of swimming all to music in the water. Synchronized swimming is a skill based aquatic sport that develops athletes through its various levels starting at Aquasquirts (recreational level) provincial level, national level and even to the international level.

For more information on this wonderful sport and to learn about our Provincial and National Streams, please go to our program section below. If you want to find out about a club near you, contact the club contacts listed in the club section at the bottom of the page or contact the provincial office.

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To find out about a club near you, contact the club contacts listed in the club section or contact the provincial office.


Here are the main progams. For any question and if you want to participate in the Master Program, follow the link in our dedicated page.

AquaSquirts is a play-based, water-orientation program that helps develop swimming skills. AquaSquirts involves fun in the water like jumping, rolling, spinning, twisting, and turning upside down.

It will help your or your kids get comfortable in the water and enjoy those activities, so you could be interested in starting a synchronized swimming program and therefore aim for the competitive side of it.

For swimmers eager to learn the sport of synchronized swimming, Synchro Canada’s Star Program offers progressive, step-by-step instruction and evaluation suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, including persons with disabilities.

This developmental skills program offers instruction starting with basic skills and moving to more advanced techniques as swimmers progress through the levels. Swimmers will learn all of the fundamental sculls, basic figures and their parts, and be introduced to a sequence and routine component in the early levels (Stars 1-10). They will then move on to the most challenging figures and routine skill sets in the Superstar 1-7 levels.

All competitive synchronized swimmers in Canada compete in either the National Age Group system or the Provincial Level System, both of which are based on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. Both systems ensure that athletes are training and competing within the LTAD stages by respecting their chronological and development age. In the Atlantic Province we also follow an Atlantic Competitive Program which enables the Provincial Level System to compete against each other thru a competition held yearly in one of the Atlantic Provinces.

The National Age Group system aligns with our International sport body, FINA to ensure smooth transition to International competition.Provincial level programs differ from province to province in order to meet the needs of its athletes and coaches. Here in the Atlantics we follow the Atlantic Competitive Program structure that is based on ability and age. Athletes must meet both the star requirements and the age requirements to be admitted to the appropriate level. For more information on the Provincial/Atlantic system contact your provincial office.For more information on the National Age Group system, please go to Synchro Canada’s website for details.

For the majority of swimmers the competitive season usually begins in the fall of one year, and ends by June of the next.

The Master Program is basically the international synchronized swimming top level of competition. Whenever a synchronized swimmer reach the top of its provincial competitions, he or she usually will either want to stay in those competitions to be among the best of his line. However, some competitors look for more challenge and more competition, hence why they end up in the international competitions. For this purpose, most of them end up following the Master Program.

The Master Program is still in line with the international sport body, called FINA which represents the authority and rules the sport at a worldwide level.

Athletes will need to meet the star requirements as well as the level requirements to join the Master Program. Athletes also need to show evidence of at least 5 participation in provincial and national competitions. There are limited spots for the Master Program, which means we will select the best athletes among those who ask for a program. Usually, athletes selected won at least one or two provincial competitions and either won or were runner up at a national competition. It doesn’t mean you will not be able to qualify for a Master Program if you didn’t win any provincial competition or won just one because athletes have to participate in a test. This test and this test only will help our team to choose who the best athletes and especially those with the best potential are.

For any question and if you want to participate in the Master Program, follow the link in our dedicated page.