Synchronized Swimming classes and tarifications

Classes are organized in 3 different levels and are separate from the Master Programs : Beginner course; Intermediate course; Advanced classes. If you are still not sure about your own level, you can come at the elementary class, held every year before the start of the season in September, where we will examine your level […]

Synchronized Swimming at the Olympics

Now called Artistic Swimming, Synchronized Swimming has been an Olympic sport for more than 35 years now as it was involved first in the Los Angeles Olympics program in the 1984 games. Learn something new about this beautiful sport today. A very special sport Some other sports like Artistic Gymnastic and Artistic Skating involve athletism […]

Synchronized Swimming Judges and Referees

For children’s and amateur competitions, Level I and II judges are required to operate. These judges are qualified through a common and well known program. In order to judge provincial, national and international competitions, you must be a Level III, Level IV and FINA level judge. The following are the requirements and qualifications necessary to […]